3rd Edition: A Pocket Guide

CDI Book 3rd Edition "Chemical Tankers: A Pocket Safety Guide CDI reminds all stakeholders that the 3rd edition of this book is available Chemical Tankers A Pocket Safety Guide is published by Witherby Publishing Group. This pocket-sized book has been revised and updated to reflect current best practices and covers basic tanker safety practices for crewmembers who are serving on, or about to serve on, chemical tankers. The book provides a good introduction and familiarisation to Chemical Tanker practice, terminology, and standards. This book explores best practices on tankers carrying chemical and similar hazardous products and provides a good introduction to safe tanker practice, terminology, and standards. It is not a detailed operational guide but is aimed as basic safety information for seafarers of all ranks and positions. It is suitable for seafarers who may be re-joining a tanker after leave for example, or for a person with little or no experience on tankers, in particular cadets and new ratings. Ideally, it should be read to aid the familiarisation process whenever you join a chemical tanker. The Guide features information necessary to carry out basic tasks safely and details potential hazards, what to do if a problem arises, and how to mitigate the risks through best practice. Not all of the cargoes carried on chemical tankers are hazardous. However, most do have some level of safety and/or pollution hazard connected to them. The marine industry recognises this and, through design, regulation, and best practice, has controlled or removed many of the hazards. The book is available in both hard back and E-Book format direct from CDI s publishers Witherby Publishing Group

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