CDI Inspection Procedures update 26/2/21

CDI Temporary COVID -19 Inspection procedures Updated 26th February 2021

For the attention of all CDI Inspectors Chemical Companies Ship Operators and all CDI Stakeholders

With Immediate effect This notice supersedes the CDI temporary Covid-19 inspection procedures dated 18th June 2020

Taking into account the number of new Covid-19 variants that are establishing themselves globally and the impact this is having on travel restrictions in most parts of the world, CDI has updated its temporary measures to continue to facilitate CDI stakeholders inspection requirements as follows

For CDI-Marine
1. Ship Operators should continue to submit inspection requests to CDI in the usual manner.
2. However, to facilitate this on a temporary basis and until further notice, CDI will have to continue to use inspectors either based locally in the country of inspection, or in an adjacent country of the inspection request, or where inspectors can travel to the inspection port, via established �air corridors�
3. Where CDI is unable to nominate an inspector to a particular port/country, due to Covid-19 related matters. CDI will temporarily, on a case-by-case basis, extend the active report for the ship for a period of 3 months from the anniversary date of the initial inspection
4. Those ships which will be granted, a 3-month extension, will automatically archive at the end of their extended 3-month period.
All archived reports will continue to remain archived.

CDI is continuing to regularly review the situation as matters change and develop on a daily basis.

General Manager

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