The CDI databases are hosted in a secure location in the Port of Rotterdam and are maintained by the company: Pharox Automatisering B.V. Public areas allow access to the lists of participants, lists of inspectors and the file downloads. Report databases are available to all participants, their unique username and password allowing them a controlled level of access. There are only two pieces of software associated with the databases, these allow the inspector's to create the reports and ship operators to update the Vessel Particular's Questionnaire; for all other users, activity takes place online.

The main purpose of the database is to retrieve and analyze inspection reports for risk assessment. First time users are advised to download the User Guide from the particular database and CDI staff are always available to lend helpful assistance.

The databases provide complete reports which can be viewed online or printed off to pdf format or MS Excel. The most common access however is to the Report Summary, which provides the negative answers, the inspector's observation and the ship operator/terminal/site manager's comments. The databases also provide the user with statistical tools, allowing him to build and save templates of selected questions and to run these templates against selected reports as an integral part of his risk assessment process.

CDI-M Ship reports are supplemented with the latest casualty information, EQUASIS data and the ship operator's continuous commentary.

For larger Chemical companies with sophisticated systems, interfaces can be provided to allow direct access into the CDI databases, providing a constant stream of the very latest data available.

Users unfamiliar with systems or the use of inspection data for risk assessment can receive training specific to their needs. Additionally, User Training Courses are regularly held at venues around the world, details are available from the CDI Administration.

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